Feeding Guide

Where to begin?

Calculating our pets diets can be overwhelming to say the least, there’s so much information available which is awesome but it can also be very confusing. The most important thing to remember when raw feeding is that not every meal has to be “complete”, we can provide our pets with a balanced diet over time – not every meal. Start simple, get to know what suits your pet.

Our advise

If you’re new to raw feeding, the best thing you can do is start SIMPLE. By simple we mean starting out with just 1 or 2 proteins and seeing how your pet responds, for example introduce beef and chicken. When introducing new proteins remember to slowly incorporate into your pets diet; say your dog eats 500g of beef a day, chicken is the new protein so feed 400g beef and 100g chicken. If that goes down fine, bump it up to a 50/50 mix for a few days and adjust again. The best thing you can do when introducing new things to their diet is observe them, and the best way is monitor their poop!

Lets talk poo

Our pets stools say a lot about their digestion and how their body is processing what’s going in. Monitoring your pets stools will give you any indication if something isn’t agreeing with them and if they have to much bone content in their diet.

  • Hard poo = too much bone or not enough fibre
  • Sloppy poo = something isn’t agreeing with me, or not enough bone
  • Soft but firm = my diet is awesome and my body is digesting everything greatly

Feeding Guide Calculator

Enter your dogs age in months and weight below to get a guide on the amount of food to be consumed by your dog daily.

Now what?

The fun begins! Now you know how much roughly your pet should consume daily it’s up to you as their owner to monitor their body composition.  Find the body composition guide below.

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