Conure and Quaker Mix

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FORAGE gourmet bird seed is proudly Australian owned and Australian made.

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Conure and Quaker Mix

Wild conures, depending on their species, eat an assortment of seeds, fruits, nuts, berries, flowers, and vegetation, depending on food availability during different seasons. It is important to replicate this diet when in captivity, For more information on beneficial fruit & veg and toxic ones please visit http://eclectusparrots.net/fruitandveg.html

Forage Gourmet Bird Seed mixes are blended with only natural 100% human grade ingredients, and incorporate a varied range of fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and herbs. Each mix has been carefully developed to cater to the needs of specific species of birds, providing a wholesome and balanced diet, whilst encouraging natural stimulation and instinctive behaviours.

  • Boosts immunity

  • Assists worm prevention

  • Increases well being

  • Aides digestion

  • Promotes gut health

  • Improves feather colour and condition

  • Vitamins A-K

  • Optimises all round health and vitality



White French Millet, Canary Seed, Grey Stripe Sunflower Seed, Safflower, Shirohie Millet, Hulled Oats, Canola, Panorama Millet, Red Pannicum Millet, Linseed, Shell Grit, Peanuts, Banana, Coconut, Pineapple, Green Split Peas, Carrot, Currants, Apple, Lentils, Apricots, Corn (flaked), Pepita, Almond, Black Sesame, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Chilli, Garlic.

This product is available in 4 sizes, 500g, 1KG, 1.75KG and 5KG. Find our full Forage range here https://www.allpetspantry.com.au/product-category/bird-products/

  • Reminder: fresh, clean pure water should be provided at all times. Water should be changed daily, and water dishes should be placed to avoid contamination with food or droppings. Water dishes should be made in such a shape, and from such a material as to facilitate easy cleaning. Drinking and bathing water should be provided separately where possible.


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Conure and Quaker Mix

500g, 1KG, 1.75KG, 5KG