duck feet

Duck Feet

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$7.95 available on subscription

Duck feet are super convenient to feed & for meal preps. They are easy to serve and are extremely functional food. They are a great source of glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen for bone and joint strength which makes them the perfect ingredient for making bone broth. Ideal for puppies and adolescent dogs – high quantities of collagen will lead to healthy bone development.

Beef offal : liver and kidney
Lamb offal : liver and kidney
Duck offal : liver and heart

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Duck feet are a much softer bone perfect for pups and older dogs. Of course, duck feet are suitable for all stages of life and are great to incorporate into your dogs diet, cats too! Ideal for small dogs, cats and puppies.

Pricing per kilo – roughly 20 in a kilo

Feeding bones provides mental stimulation for our dogs,  can relieve stress and helps prevent plaque buildup on teeth and gum disease.

ALWAYS supervise your dog when feeding bones.

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Weight 1.0 kg