Oxbow Hay Blend

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Oxbow’s Two Most Popular Hays, Western Timothy and Orchard Grass, blended to create the perfect taste and texture combination. Small pets enjoy and benefit from variety in their daily diet, so why not have the best of both worlds, the crunchy stems of Timothy and the soft leaves of Orchard Grass? Your pet rabbit, guinea pig, or small herbivore is sure to love this enriching option.


• Harvested fresh from Oxbow’s family of farms

• Hand-sorted and hand-mixed with care• Provides essential fibre to support digestive & dental health• No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives

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High-quality grass hay is the cornerstone of small herbivore health. At least 70% of every small herbivore’s diet should consist of high-quality grass hay.  Our extensive line of premium, high fibre grass hays meet the needs and taste preferences of our herbivore friends all around the world. Benefits include


The fibre in hay facilitates the constant digestive movement that small herbivores require to maintain digestive health. Disrupting this movement can lead to a number of gastrointestinal issues, some of which can be life threatening. Providing grass hay most closely mimics the foraging activity small herbivores would perform in nature.


Small herbivores require constant chewing of hard, fibrous foods (i.e. hay) to provide necessary dental wear. The teeth of rabbits and guinea pigs never stop growing, making it critical to provide a proper diet centred around hay. A diet with insufficient hay can lead to dental issues, including disease and malocclusion.


Hay is not just great for the body of small pets, it is essential to their mental health as well! Access to a variety of hay provides mental stimulation, keeping pets active and healthy. Try placing hay in as many locations as possible through your pet’s living space.

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