Sensitivity Mix

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Sensitivity mix was created for those with digestive & skin sensitivities, and for those who suffer with allergies. 


Beef offal : liver and kidney
Lamb offal : liver and kidney
Duck offal : liver and heart

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Sensitivity mix was created for those with digestive & skin sensitivities, and for those who suffer with allergies. Rose hip granules added for its high levels of vitamin C, Chia seeds added not only for Omega 3 but also for its nourishing effects on the digestion system due it its high fibre content. Not only are they full of nutritional benefits for your dog, but the added vegetables contain an abundance of antioxidants and are a great source of fibre which aids digestion. Plus the addition of Turmeric for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Full of vitamins and minerals, be sure to find your dogs overall health vitalised with the bonus of a beautiful glowing coat.

The domestic dog’s digestive system and the way food is utilised for growth, maintenance and reproduction is still 99% the same as their wolf ancestors. Mimicking the raw food diet of a wild dog is essential as dogs are carnivore’s and omnivore’s, fruits and vegetables provide a range of benefits in your dog’s diet. At least 10% of a dogs diet should be vegetable matter, not only are vegetables full of fibre they are also super hydrating!

Vegetables supply important phytonutrients that aren’t found in meat. the richest phytonutrients are found in broccoli and Kale. Phytonutrients are only found in fruits and vegetables, so what do they do?

  • Kill cancer cells
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote gut health
  • Support a healthy liver

And so much more. Local farm fresh vegetables from the Hawkesbury are used in all our our mixes, grated in store with our own machine and by our staff.

Addition of offal is available, we will add 10% offal mix into your selected weight. Simply add your protein from the side selection.




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