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Crooked Lane Harvest Brewers Yeast

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Brewers yeast is a rich source of B complex vitamins and is a source of vitamins and other nutrients essential for muscle growth and performance. Crooked Lane provides a premium food grade brewers yeast, highly recommend adding this into your pets diet! Great for pups & kittens, and awesome for the elderly – its great for any life stage really!

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Brewers yeast for cats and dogs is known for its palatability and is easy to add to your pet’s food. Just some of the many benefits associated are below:

  • Brewers yeast is believed to improve skin health in older dogs because of its high vitamin B content.
  • The high antioxidant, B1 content of brewers yeast may assist in keeping eyes healthy; may be effective in maintaining an older dog’s eyesight by potentially reducing the chances of cataracts.
  • Vitamin B levels are associated with serotonin production which improves mood and reduces anxiety. Stress can have a detrimental effect on the immune system of an aging pet. The immune system of a stress-free animal should function properly well into their later years.
  • Brewers yeast is considered to be an excellent source of probiotics, which are critical for maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria in your pet’s digestive tract. A healthy digestive tract will ensure that your dog is able to take in nutrients and metabolise food efficiently to get the most out of their diet, leading to a healthier and happier life.

Available in 1kg, 2kg & 5kg

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Brewers Yeast

1kg, 2kg, 5kg